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Alpaca Herringbone Scarf

November 14, 2020

Alpaca Herringbone Scarf

There is so much to love about this scarf. Herringbone is an absolutely classic weave structure. Its clean, simple lines are perfect for showing off beautiful colours and textures in your weaving yarn. This scarf will make a perfect holiday gift for all genders and ages, or a perfect gift for yourself to stay cozy warm this winter.

This scarf kit features alpaca yarn. Alpaca is warm, durable, and (most importantly) luxuriously soft! If you haven’t woven with alpaca before, you are in for a treat. I have woven several alpaca projects this fall, and whenever I have the chance to hand a finished alpaca piece to someone in person, they immediately want to smoosh their face in it.  It still has a slight animal fibre tickle, but that comes along with incredible loft, a fuzzy halo, and really ridiculous touchable softness. Alpaca is like nothing else.

I’ve sett this project at 14 ends per inch to provide a comforting weight without sacrificing loft and softness. This is a scarf that will absolutely stand up to a frigid prairie winter! This is a great project for beginner weavers looking for a “next step” project. The threading is somewhat more complicated than a straight draw, but once you have it set up and sleyed, the treadling is simple as can be. A little extra work in the threading gives a polished, beautiful end result.