Crackle Towels
June 04, 2021

Crackle Towels

With a pop of vintage green, a floral motif, and a wonderfully nubbly texture, this hand towel feels like a treasure you discovered in the bathroom of a perfectly quaint B&B. The weft is almost entirely bouclé cotton. Bouclé is a perfect yarn for towels, since the loops and swirls that run along it are both highly absorbent and lightly scrubby.

And in addition to the absorbency from the bouclé , these towels get an extra boost from how much natural cotton they incorporate. Natural (undyed) yarn is always softer and more absorbent than dyed yarn, meaning these towels will break in quickly and work wonderfully. Using two different textures in the same colour also creates a beautiful cloth where the textures can really shine. 


Of course the real star of the show is the decorative band of crackle weave. We’ve been playing with crackle in the studio this Spring, and we have all enjoyed it greatly! Crackle is a two-shuttle weaving structure using pattern float over a tabby ground. The floats are beautiful, but short and well-anchored. This towel looks fancy, but won’t snag.  Using crackle as an accent is a perfect way to dip your toes into this fun and versatile structure. 

Weave this project using our Crackle Towels Kit!

Want to learn more about crackle? Read our blog post explaining how it works and why it's awesome.