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11" Slim Open Bottom Boat Shuttle from Schacht


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Schacht boat shuttles are beautifully shaped and well-balanced. They are sanded smooth and then given a hand-rubbed Danish oil finish. This duck-nosed shuttle is wonderful for narrow widths and fine yarns. 

The 11" boat shuttle is Schacht's most popular model. It is comfortable to hold for most weavers.  This slim version is ideal for table looms, rigid heddle looms, and other looms with smaller sheds. The open bottom style lets you easily reach the bobbin with a finger to stop the weft from unravelling after a pick.

Length: 11"

Model: Slim

Style: Open Bottom

Material: Solid Maple

Schacht is a Colorado company whose mission is to spend each and every day making useful and beautiful tools that enhance their customers’ weaving experience. Through innovative problem-solving, high-quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to continuous improvement, they make some of the most modern and easy-to-use looms and accessories on the market.

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