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Deluxe Warping Pegs


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For beginner weavers or those with limited space, the warping peg offers a great way to measure yarn of any length. To use, simply clamp the double peg -used for making your cross- on one side of the table and the other pegs on the ends of the table as pictured. The deluxe warping peg set rivals a warping board in the ability to make really big warps. A 6' table can easily allow for an 8 yard warp, or you can set them up however you'd like. These are great for those with limited space and/or those looking to avoid the cost of a larger warping board.

For those that need sturdy pegs from which to warp, the single warping peg can provide just that. Our integrated peg clamping system holds from directly below the single peg, preventing it from sliding around when tension is applied.

This set includes four single pegs and one double peg.

Each peg is 5-3/4" long crafted from smooth hard maple. Pick-up one peg or bunches of pegs to add versatility to your textile creation arsenal. The table clamp works with lipped work surfaces from 1/2" to 2" thick. Check our store for multiple different warping peg set options!

This item is individually handcrafted in our Cincinnati, OH workshop.


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