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Harrisville Brass Threading/Sley Hook


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This brass hook is a weaver's favourite. The Harrisville threading/sley hook has a sleek 2 in 1 design, allowing a smooth transition from threading your heddles to sleying the reed. It is lightweight, 100% brass, and fits easily in the hand. A great gift for any weaver. 

These are far and above our favourite threading/sley hook to use in the Gather studio! Compared to other hooks they are more comfortable to hold, easier to use, and far less likely to split the plies of your warp yarn. Highly recommend.

Harrisville Designs believes that hand weaving requires equipment that meets the highest standard of both quality and function. They produce looms and tools that they, as weavers, have developed with careful research and testing. Since building their first loom in 1972, their philosophy has always been that function, quality, and economy are equal elements to sound design.


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