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Reeds for Rigid Heddle Looms - Cricket & Flip from Schacht


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With dents ranging from 5, 8, 10, and 12, you can weave with a wide variety of yarns. Available for all Schacht Cricket and Flip Folding Looms.

Picking up an extra reed (also called a heddle) gives you more options for the size of yarn you can weave with. The smaller the number, the bulkier the yarn you can weave with it. 

5 Dent Reed: Bulky weight yarn

8 Dent Reed: Worsted weight yarn, 8/8 cotton

10 Dent Reed: Sport or Fingering Weight Yarn, 8/4 Cotton

12 Dent Reed: Fingering Weight Yarn, 8/4 cotton

For help choosing the right reed for your project, check out this blog post from Schacht.

If the reed you need isn't in stock, we are happy to special order it from Schacht. Special orders take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Available Reeds for Rigid Heddle: 
SL2143 10" Cricket 5 Dent Reed 
SL2140 10" Cricket 8 Dent Reed
SL2141 10" Cricket 10 Dent Reed
SL2142 10" Cricket 12 Dent Reed
SL2125 15" Flip / Cricket 5 Dent Reed
SL2129 15" Flip / Cricket 8 Dent Reed
SL2130 15" Flip / Cricket 10 Dent Reed
SL2131 15" Flip / Cricket 12 Dent Reed
SL2132 20" Flip 5 Dent Reed
SL2133 20" Flip 8 Dent Reed
SL2134 20" Flip 10 Dent Reed
SL2135 20" Flip 12 Dent Reed
SL2136 25" Flip 5 Dent Reed
SL2137 25" Flip 8 Dent Reed
SL2138 25" Flip 10 Dent Reed
SL2139 25" Flip 12 Dent Reed
SL2144 30" Flip 5 Dent Reed
SL2145 30" Flip 8 Dent Reed
SL2146 30" Flip 10 Dent Reed
SL2147 30" Flip 12 Dent Reed

*Contact us for information on other reeds :) 

*All rigid heddle reeds are special order and final sale. They can not be returned for refund or studio credit. Please verify your size and loom style before purchasing. 

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