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We created this convenient and handy sett checker to help you project plan. 
As shown this sett checker has a cut out for exactly one inch so you can determine WPI easily and then decide what your EPI will be. 


WPI = Wraps per Inch
 To determine WPI you simply wrap the yarn around the sett checker in the one inch cut out. You want the yarn to touch but not overlap or be squished. Count how many times you wrapped the yarn and that is your WPI (wraps per inch) 

EPI = Ends per Inch 
 Your ends per inch (EPI) can generally* be determined by the following these guidelines. 
EPI for Plain Weave / Tabby = WPI ÷ 2  Example: 28 WPI = 14 EPI 
EPI for Twill Weave = WPI x 0.66 (2/3) Example: 28 WPI = 18 EPI 

* This is just a guideline. It is always best to sample if you're able! Your sett can be different depending on many factors: 
 - How dense or loose do you want your cloth to be? 
 - What are you using your weaving for? 
 - Are your materials different in your warp and weft? 
 - If your pattern is warp-faced or weft-faced?

Our Sett Checkers are Made in Canada 
Material: Made from a variety of hardwoods.